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We are a specialist motor engineering firm providing a complete package of modifications, preparation and race support. This can include our own 170 BHP Twin-Cam engine.
We also perform servicing,  support and renovation for all race or road high-performance sports cars and are worldwide repair and maintenance agents for Evante Sportscars.

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Richard Marshall
VeganTune Motorsport Limited,
17 Gruneisen Road,
N3 1LS,

Phone 020-8343-0618
Fax: 020-8343-1631

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Mechanic: What causes black spots on my back?

Pimples, blackheads, blemishes, acne is the most common skin disease in the United States. Between 17 million and 45 million people have some form of acne, says University of Maryland Medical Center. It exists in many forms and can be developed in many places. A common type of acne are pimples, which develop frequently in the back. Read more below why and don’t forget to click here.


Hormones are the main cause of black spots on the back. When hormones arise, says the American Academy of Dermatology, the body produces more sebum, which is the oil produced by the sebaceous glands to lubricate the hair and skin. The hair follicles obstruct the sebum, which sometimes closes and forms a closed comedo or white spot. When the clogged pore remains open, the oil darkens, which is called an open comedo or black spot. The greasier parts of the body, including the upper back, are more prone to different forms of acne, including blackheads.


Friction of tight clothing and backpacks can cause acne breakouts. Mechanical acne is a type of acne caused by heat, constant pressure and repetitive friction, says the American Academy of Dermatology. If you’ve been on a long walk with a backpack, for example, you may discover an outbreak of pimples on your back. People who have a predisposition to acne on the back are more likely to develop mechanical acne.


Although there are many cosmetic ads that are oil free and non-acne producing, you might think that it is not a concern when it comes to your back. But moisturizers or oil-based sunscreens can clog pores, so the American Academy of Dermatology recommends the use of products labeled “non-comedogenic” or oil-free. In people with longer hair, hair products can be a problem as well. In case the hair touches the back, the products in the hair or even the own greasy hair can trigger an appearance.


Your family history and genetics may be responsible for blackheads in the back. A family history of acne is a risk factor. If your parents were prone to acne, you probably will be too.

How to weld an engine block cast iron

Cast iron is a very strong material and when it is not damaged, it may be difficult to repair the damage. It is possible to weld repairs in cast iron, but it is important to complete all the necessary steps to prepare the molten iron for repair. Consistency is important when working with molten iron, as there are two common approaches for welding cast iron – either cold or hot soldering. Although both methods work, it is important to choose one and stick with it until the repair is completed. Things You ‘ll Need
welding torch welding
protective clothing and gloves
Nickel soldering electrode 99 sticks
cast iron engine block
further instructions
heated welding
Preheat the damaged engine block before welding. If possible, heat the entire engine block at a temperature of approximately 800 degrees. Adjust the engine block in an area that is closed without strong air currents to prevent the engine block cooling too quickly. If it is not possible to heat the entire engine block, heat the area around the repair.

Adjust the welding torch to a low current. This will minimize the creation of additional stresses caused to the engine block cast iron during repair.

Apply the nickel electrode and start filling the crack in the engine block with a movement back and fro through the crack. Take care to ensure that nickel smelter flows on either side of the crack.

Allow the cast iron block cool slowly, once the repair is complete. If necessary, the engine block wrapped in insulation blankets to slow the cooling rate. The slower the engine block cast iron cools lower the risk of repairing cracks and separate from the engine block cast iron.
Cold welding

Prevent cast engine block casting be hotter than 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

start applying the nickel electrode at the bottom of the crack and work in an upward direction of the crack. Move the nickel electrode so that each weld bead moves in the same direction of the previous.

Allow the weld to cool slowly once the crack has been filled and complete repair. Do not accelerate the cooling process with water or air pressure as it could lead to new solder to crack and separate from cast iron block., and Use Slag removal.

How to start your own car store cleaning business in 5 steps

1. Determine what type of cleaning business going to specialize

There are three main types of cleaning companies:

  • Domestic. It consists of cleaning private homes of people (usually when not at home) and you start ityourself. Over time, when you have a good clientele, you better hire additional employees.
  • Commercial. This type of cleaning involves cleaning commercial properties (corporate offices, shopping centers), for what you do need a team of workers, and your role is to manage more than cleaning itself.
  • Specialized. Here there are hundreds of niches that you can explore, from cleaning windows to schools, cars, or even crime scenes (yes, there are companies that specialize in this).


Cleaning business


You must think about the talents you have or what you want; Are you prepared to clean every day , or yours is more administrative part of a business?

Analyzes turn what is the best market opportunity is in your area . If you live in crowded shopping area, perhaps the ideal is that you dedicate yourself to commercial cleaning. Think about and analyze your locality.


2. Research, research, research

As I said before, researching your market potential and local demographic population will be key to determine the type of cleaning business you should start.

If you plan to manage a venture household cleaning, make sure the people in your town is financially able to pay someone for performing household chores.


Cleaning business


Or, if it is a trade, it has enough sales to invest their profits in pay you.


3. Decide on your business model

Are you going to mount an independent business, or perhaps being a franchisee is a good choice for you? In this part, it is important to think about your long – term goals.

If you’re thinking about a venture that you can grow slowly, but steadily, and it ‘s you who has total control, probably your best option is to mount it on your own .


Cleaning business


However, if what you want is quick profits, and you are concerned about some aspects of how to lift or run a business like this, consider the franchisee make another cleaning company.


4. Make a budget for your equipment

The costs of equipment cleaning can vary considerably. Household cleaners, for example, usually receive these materials from homeowners (detergents, mops, etc.)

But if you plan to launch a commercial cleaning business, you will need to invest in some basic equipment such as:

  • Cleaning carts to bring products
  • Vacuum or industrial steam machines
  • Mops or mops
  • gutter cleaning vancouver wa
  • And, of course, a car in which to transport all equipment


Cleaning business


As you can see, all the equipment listed above can cost you $ 10,000 or more, so it’s important to think if you have money or you can get a loan to buy it, and how long it will take to recover with your benefits.

Not forgetting of course that if you hire others to help with chores, they will have a salary charge and you have to include in your budget.

(Read: Types of business loans and what is best for you )


5. Create a marketing plan

Once you have thought about your business model, what kind of cleaning will realize, and have gotten the money for products, equipment, or employees needed, you can start your cleaning business .

But the next step is possibly the most important part: getting customers . And this only will achieve a good marketing plan. Depending on your type of business, some billboards or newspaper advertisements can be the best place to start.


Cleaning business


Do not dismiss nor other methods such as social networks or payment online ads (search engine such as Google), especially if your cleaning business is specialized.

Nor be afraid to go house to house leaving some business cards to your potential customers – cleanliness is a personal business and there is nothing better than the first time you know it you face to face rather than through a cartel.